Simulate any environment to test durability on your schedule

Since 1973, Elite has provided comprehensive Environmental Stress Testing to complement our extensive EMI/EMC Testing and other product testing capabilities. Access to complete testing services in one location translates to convenient, time-efficient, and highly-effective validation programs.

Our Environmental Stress Testing services include the simulation of vibration, shock, temperature, and humidity environments. Elite has advanced equipment, and available space to test your projects for success. These simulations allow specialty environmental situations ranging from water spray and dust to solar radiation and explosive atmospheric environment.

For the larger projects, Elite can conduct Environmental Stress Testing concurrently with EMI/EMC Testing to accelerate testing programs and complete product validation on your schedule.  

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3 Reasons to Choose Elite for Environmental Stress Testing

1. We know the standards. Our experts have decades of experience in all major industry and OEM testing requirements:

  • Military and Aerospace - MIL-STD-810, RTCA-DO-160, MIL-STD-202, OEM Standards (Boeing, GE Aviation, Rolls-Royce, NGC)
  • Automotive – SAE J1455, GMW 3172, IEC 16750, ISO 20653, OEM Standards (Ford, Stellantis (FCA), Hyundai-Kia, Harley-Davidson, Nissan, Navistar, Rivian, Tesla)
  • Agriculture and Construction – JDQ 201, CAT EC-1, CNH ENS0310
  • Marine – DNVGL-CG-0339, MIL-STD-167
  • Railroad – IEC 61373
  • Wireless and IoT – IEC 60529 (IP Ratings), NEMA 250, IEC 60068
  • Cables and Connectors – EIA-364, USCAR2, EN 3475
  • Materials – ASTM B117, ASTM E23
  • PackagingISTA Testing and Certification,, ASTM D4169

2. We provide efficiency with our one-stop location for all testing requirements.

3. We are dedicated to the high-quality testing services and third-party accreditation.

Shock and Vibration Testing

Vibration and Shock Testing up to 25,000 lb and 30,000Gs for Automotive, Military, Aerospace applications, and field data replication.

Climatics - Temperature, Humidity, Altitude

15+ thermal chambers with a range of capabilities to fit your product & budget needs. Temperature, humidity, cycling, altitude, thermal shock, and combined environments.

Exposure - Dust, Corrosion, Rain, Fluids

Ingress Protection (IP) for water and dust, salt spray, blowing rain, solar radiation, and more to prove durability against the elements.


Accelerate a lifetime of environmental stress to prove durability or find design weaknesses using a 6-axis vibration test with rapid thermal cycling.

Material and Tensile Testing Services

Material performance testing for tension, compression, bending, and cyclic fatigue to validate limits and life for your application.

Electrical Connector and Cable Testing

Verify electrical and mechanical performance of cables and connectors to withstand any environment and rugged operation.

ISTA Package Testing

ISTA Packaging performance and simulation testing help to control freight and insurance costs with most carriers and

Life Cycle Testing

Automate and execute test protocols tailored to your product and application to validate durability and uncover design weaknesses.

Acceleration Testing

Sustained Acceleration Testing up to 75Gs for Military and Aerospace applications.