Elite’s Automotive EMC Lab Recognition

Now Updated for the new Ford and GM specs!

As the leader in automotive EMC testing, we at Elite continue to improve processes, expand capabilities, and strength our credentials as a recognized test facility. Our latest efforts have earned us laboratory recognition by Ford and GM Elite for their newly updated corporate EMC standards.

EMC laboratory recognition is a formal and rigorous assessment of a lab’s quality processes, expertise, and capabilities.  The evaluation is performed independently by the EMC stewards at each of the big three automotive companies.  Our ISO 17025 quality system accreditation is a prerequisite, but the automotive recognition goes far beyond by examining in detail Elite’s test process for each and every EMC and electrical OEM requirement. The examination confirms we are using the proper equipment and that our methods are consistent with those practices by the OEM.  The review confirms that our documentation and reported results are clear and concise and that we can demonstrate accurate and consistent results through proficiency testing.  In the end, automotive EMC lab recognition is an OEM statement of confidence in Elite recognizing we can execute EMC and electrical tests accurately and efficiently and that our results can be accepted.

For years, Elite has been a fully recognized EMC lab for Chrysler, Ford, and GM. In fact we remain one of the only approved labs with “full” recognition, meaning that Elite is approved for each and every OEM test method rather than only a selected subset.

Elite is also a recognized Jaguar Land Rover EMC facility and we are approved by Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) for “E” mark testing of components and whole vehicles, and tractors.  

Our automotive recognitions complement our other credentials such as being a FCC Telecommunications Certification Body (TCB) for wireless device certifications, a Canadian certification body, and a European Union Notified Body for the Radio Equipment Directive.  We have also achieved the impressive status of iNARTE Organizational Certification which recognizes that at least 70% of our EMC engineers who are eligible for iNARTE certification have achieved the credential. 

Contact us today if you have questions (Steve Laya via sglaya@elitetest.com).