President’s Blog: Significance of Independent Test Laboratories to the Conformity Assessment Process

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December 13, 2022

Raymond Klouda, President, Elite Electronic Engineering, Inc.

Elite Electronic Engineering Inc. is one of the world’s leading independent testing laboratories. What is the significance of independent testing? Why is it so valuable to the Conformity Assessment Process?

It is about trust and integrity.

Independent, or third-party, testing, is valuable because by its nature it provides trusted test results without bias. The independent lab is a neutral party free from conflicts of interest that can be associated with in-house, first-party test laboratories. First-party testing can be become victim to internal forces and management pressure that can compromise test-result integrity. 

The independent lab is not subject to the same pressures; it provides an objective view of the product. It is in the lab’s best interest to provide an unbiased report. Their goal is to instill confidence in the report’s quality, which is of utmost importance in end-customer applications. These qualities are a benefit to the test-customers’ business: it sets them apart and raises the perceived quality of their product. The reports and findings of independent laboratories inspire confidence and give a product a higher level of acceptance.

As an independent testing laboratory, Elite exemplifies these values and takes pride in our trusted test results. The conformity assessment community respects and relies on Elite and has counted on its test results for over 60 years.

Automotive manufacturers are among the end customers that count on Elite for an unbiased evaluation of components and the vehicles using those components. The telecommunication industry agencies count on Elite for an objective product review of wired and wireless devices, knowing they are evaluated professionally with no conflict of interest. The US military counts on testing that was completed according to specification without compromise of the data.

Part of marketing a product is the end customer’s confidence that it will function as it should and that it is both safe and reliable. The Conformity Assessment Process rests on independent testing that inspires that confidence and follows the product throughout its useful life. Elite’s customers value and trust our independent-testing heritage, and we are deeply grateful for their ongoing trust.