The IEEE Celebrates Education Week in April

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April 26, 2023

The month of April is known for a number of things. Among them are the blooming of Spring, the beginning of baseball season, and Earth Day. April is also the month of IEEE Education Week, April 2-8, a weeklong celebration of educational opportunities provided by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). IEEE is the world’s largest technical professional association. Its hundreds of organizational units, societies and councils around the world comprise all facets of electrical engineering.

IEEE offers pre-university STEM, university, and continuing professional education resources for engineers and technical professionals around the world. Local and regional activities, webinars, online courses, scholarships, events, and more are offered to IEEE members and the global community. IEEE is a fount of educational resources.

Activities have run the gamut across technical disciplines. A few examples:

  • The IEEE Magnetics Society held an online workshop titled, “Importance of Standards and Impacts/Benefits to Academia and Industry,” emphasizing the career-long importance of education.
  • The IEEE Education Society and the IEEE Young Professionals (YP) held a blog-writing competition on the topic, “Best Lesson Learned in Your Life,” focusing on reflections of students and YPs as they’ve moved through their careers.
  • The IEEE Student Branch at the Lebanese University – Faculty of Sciences II hosted a webinar, “How to Write a Technical Report,” covering best practices and tips on conveying technical information clearly and effectively.

Albert Einstein said, “Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.” It worked for him, and the IEEE encourages everyone, and especially engineers, to recognize that education is never completed.

Whether it’s formal, informal, or non-formal, education goes on. What’s new with you?

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