Powerful tools for critical testing

As aviation electrical and electronic systems have become more advanced in application and complexity— so too have the performance and test requirements. There is no compromise when it comes to having reliable and robust on-board aviation equipment and systems. Aircraft equipment simply has to demonstrate its dependability and with significant safety margin throughout a range of environments, most importantly the electromagnetic and physical environments.

Elite is geared up for the challenge of aviation qualification testing. Today we have in place an impressive array of equipment, facilities, and test experts to perform nearly all RTCA-DO-160 tests. Elite is the laboratory of choice for the most difficult aviation test requirements, and here’s why…

Elite Capabilities and Resources

With the wide range of test equipment available Elite can provide all services at one location. One stop bundled services saves time and program cost through simplified logistics, program management, and support.

  • EMC, Electrical, and Environmental Stress Testing under one roof
  • Elite provides one-stop for DO-160, Boeing, Airbus, and others.
  • High Power Tests
  • 200V/m and higher radiated susceptibility.
  • HIRF radar pulse testing up to 4,000V/m
  • Lightning tests, per RTCA DO-160 Sec 22 (All waveforms at Level 5)
  • 60+ years of MIL-STD expertise

Aviation testing is only for the most experienced and capable labs. You can trust Elite to get your testing done correctly and efficiently.

Expertise and Accreditations

Ask around, and you’ll find Elite's expertise is well recognized and our reports highly regarded in the defense acquisition community.

We value and encourage professional credentialing to ensure a high level of expertise.