Global Certification Of Intentional Transmitters

Elite is a recognized Telecommunication Certification Body (TCB) for the FCC, Foreign Certification Body (FCB) for Canada, and Notified Body (NB) for the European Union under the Radio Equipment Directive. These credentials assure the speedy and convenient processing of your approval.

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FCC Certification

Elite is designated by the United States government as an accredited Telecommunication Certification Body (TCB). We provide FCC compliance testing services to manufacturers of radio-frequency transmitting devices.

Elite’s TCB services ensure a quick certification process. Certification at Elite typically takes less than one week.

We provide ease of access to our regulatory specialists to answer all your compliance questions.

SAR and MPE evaluation? We can certify all types of portable and mobile devices.

Elite also provides certification services for Canada and the European Union. Our expertise extends beyond the USA.

For TCB questions, contact Rick King for more information.

Check out Resources for trusted information on FCC certification.

ISED Canada Certification

Elite is recognized by Industry Canada as a certification body for RF transmitters. Being a U.S. and Canadian approval body means Elite can save time and cost for transmitter manufacturers when their markets cover North America.

European RF Transmitter Compliance

Elite is a Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) for the European Union for the Radio Equipment Directive (RED) 2014/53/EU. With these credentials, Elite can review technical files and issue a notified body opinion regarding the compliance of an RF transmitter, receiver, or telecom system. The notified body opinion is required as stated in 2014/53/EU. For the UK market, Elite is a UK Approved Body for EMC and Radio Equipment Regulations.

Latin America

In association with partners, Elite can further the market reach for your transmitter by offering compliance solutions in Central and South America.   Contact us for further details on global market access for transmitters.

Asia & Other Markets

Access for transmitter certification in other parts of the world can be completed through collaboration with Elite associate partners.  Contact us for further details on global market access for transmitters.

The Elite Certification Process

The process certification of intentional transmitters begins with a review of your product and market access needs by Elite application engineers and technical support staff. We identify applicable RF test requirements as well as other conformity considerations such as electrical safety and RF hazards evaluations (SAR or MPE). Start your TCB certification by downloading the applicable certification forms and checklists.

The next steps involve testing the transmitter according to the applicable requirements and gathering the required exhibits required for certification. Please refer to the Certification Checklist document for more information.

Concurrent with the testing phase, Elite certification specialists help you through the administrative and technical data evaluation phase. We have forms, checklists, and other supportive documents that will guide you through the process assuring your certification or conformity assessment comes together in the shortest time possible.

Following the review and approval, Elite will grant the FCC certification, issue the Canadian Technical Acceptance Certificate, and/or offer a Statement of Opinion for the European Union.

Finally, Elite will complete the data transmittal requirements or conduct country notifications where applicable and if necessary perform product surveillance evaluations (as required).

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us today.

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