Evaluating Hazards Of Electric Shock And Fire

Elite can provide an independent review of manufactured products to determine compliance with standards for electrical safety, shock, fire hazard, and machine safety. The requirements include those of the Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTL) in the U.S., and the European Union "CE Mark Testing" directives.

Our services will examine a product's construction details, design requirements, and individual components. We will review instruction manuals for appropriate safety information and consult with product engineers to offer design and safety solutions.  

Elite’s NRTL pre-compliance services include:

  • Bring products into compliance before submitting them to various agencies.
  • Procure NRTL quotations.
  • Discuss agency interpretations of standards with the agency to ensure the manufacturer is not being held to more restrictive requirements than mandated by the standards.
  • Set up witness testing, at Elite, or your facility.
  • Continually follow up with the agency so projects do not stagnate.

Elite's Low-Voltage Directive Services

Elite's low voltage directive services cover virtually every component of a product—from a starting schematic to the final warning labels. Our goal is simple: ensure that your product is in compliance with North American (or European) regulations.

We inspect the test item to identify design and construction compliance. We also review schematics, instruction manuals, safety labeling, and warnings. When necessary, we do a physical test and provide modifications to meet applicable standards. Services include:

  • Electrical safety survey
  • Testing
  • Technical file review
  • Sample draft of Declaration of Conformity
  • CE Label
  • Machine Safety

Through comprehensive consulting, evaluating and testing, Elite engineers and technicians seek to minimize the risk of machine operations. We assess every possible aspect, including installation, normal operations, and failure and fault conditions.

Our experts analyze and document all relevant safety issues and work to resolve all safety concerns through redesign, guards, safety interlocks, or warnings. Specific machine safety services include:

  • Initial consulting to determine conformity assessment strategy
  • Risk assessment/risk reduction
  • Low-Voltage Directive safety survey
  • EN 60204 testing
  • EMC testing
  • Technical file review

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