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November 24, 2021

Responding to customers’ growing needs, Elite has invested in a BIG way with new Vibration and Shock Testing equipment. Elite has added an IMV K125/EM20HAM 28,000 pound-force electro-dynamic (E-D) vibration table, making it the eighth in our already impressive lineup of shakers. 

This new machine supports Elite’s clients in several important ways. First, the size of this system allows the testing of very large products and heavier payloads. The IMV shaker is ideally suited for testing electric and hybrid vehicle batteries and their drivetrain components. It meets the needs of large systems requiring qualification tests for the Military and Aerospace industries. Rail locomotive transformers and traction motors, as well as heavy-duty subassemblies used on trucks, construction, and agricultural machinery, can all be tested on the IMV K125.  

The K125 also has the means to test more samples per single test run. With its 5-foot x 5-foot slip table and head expander, validation projects are completed in less time and at a lower cost. Elite’s vibe experts work with clients to optimize the sample quantity with fixture design so that our fixtures, your parts, and the specification requirements all come together for one-stop convenience and time savings.     

Room D111 – Vibration Table

The final important consideration is that larger-product testing often requires vibration profiles starting at lower frequencies and demands high displacements. Elite’s new E-D shaker can achieve 4-inch peak-to-peak displacement and can support any sine, random, or complex profile down to 1Hz.  In addition, this new system provides excellent control of vibration parameters, assuring accurate vibe-test results with minimal effect from a table or fixture resonances.

Elite’s Dynamics team has all the tools now to test large equipment for vibration and shock. Bring your product team together with our vibration/shock experts and together we can get your products tested and to market better and faster. Contact Elite for a visit and see our new IMV K125 system today!