The James C. Klouda Memorial Scholarship

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December 13, 2022

“Science can amuse and fascinate us all, but it is engineering that changes the world.”
—Isaac Asimov, American writer, professor

A student pursuing an electrical engineering degree deserves support, especially if the student has an interest in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Elite Founder Jim Klouda thought so, and in his memory, Elite established the IEEE James C. Klouda Memorial Scholarship. The JCK Scholarship honors Jim’s long EMC career and his active role in furthering the art.

James C. Klouda – Founder, Elite Electronic Engineering, Inc.

The JCK Scholarship has been awarded since 2014 to deserving students at colleges across the US. Complete eligibility requirements can be found on the JCK Scholarship page of Elite’s website.

The JCK Scholarship is available to electrical engineering students at accredited universities and colleges. Awards are issued on an annual basis to a qualified undergraduate or graduate EE student seeking a degree with an emphasis in EMC or related discipline. We at Elite want to encourage friends and relatives of our customers to pursue a career in engineering, so please contact us for program details and information on how to apply.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) EMC Society (EMC-S) serves as the administrator of the IEEE JCK Memorial Scholarship Selection Committee. Scholarship presentations are made each year at the IEEE EMC Symposium Awards Banquet. Jim Klouda’s and Elite’s long relationship with the IEEE EMC Society is reflected in the award’s featured place at the international symposium.

Electrical engineering continues to grow as an industry and as a fascinating career path. Electrical engineers continue to be in high demand, and EMC has become critical as wireless technology finds its way into all corners of our lives. If you know a EE student who could be eligible, check out the James C. Klouda Memorial Scholarship and help that student create the next generation of technology.