Expanding Materials and Connector Testing

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March 7, 2017

One of the capabilities we will be expanding at our new North Annex is our Materials and Fatigue Testing services. Physically, the new Materials Lab will grow from 250 sq ft to more than 800 sq ft of temperature- and humidity-controlled space. This new space will be home to our existing servo-hydraulic and electro-mechanical load frames capable of both cyclic and non-cyclic tension, compression, bending, and flexure force applications on a wide variety of materials and products. New to the lab will be a larger Charpy Impact test system capable of producing high-impact energies necessary for the evaluation of metals, which will complement our current system designed for testing plastics.

We have experience with a broad range of material testing projects but have developed a particular specialty for evaluating electrical cables and connectors in accordance with USCAR2, GMW 3172, EIA-364, and many other specifications. Our specialized cable/connector test setups provide all the necessary mechanical, environmental, electrical, and RF testing in one location to ensure repeatable results and timely completion.

Combined with our new in-house machining, fabrication, and automation capabilities at the new North Annex, our expanded Materials Lab is the complete source for reliable product life testing customized for your products. Stay tuned next month for more on our new machining and fabrication capabilities that will help accelerate your Environmental Stress and Materials Testing projects at Elite.