Elite Adds New Vibe Table to Meet Clients’ Requirements

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August 28, 2023

Elite has taken delivery of a new vibration table to its lineup of mechanical vibe and shock test equipment. The arrival of the IMV Model A74 improves scheduling start-date options and provides an optimized configuration for Elite clients.

The A74 has a frequency range of 0-2600 Hz and a maximum displacement of 3” peak-to-peak. It can drive Vibration and Shock Testing with 16,500 force-pound capacity with a 36” x 36” slip plate. For combined temperature-vibration testing, it can also be configured with a thermal chamber to run at temperature extremes. It also operates in an energy-saving power mode to improve operational costs. This new system’s power, range, and versatility make it ideal for automotiveaerospace, and module-level testing.

This system will be mated to a Vibration Research control system to provide setup and monitoring of testing functions and data-reporting for test-report analysis.

The new vibration system was delivered to Elite in components in late July and is now operational and running tests.

Elite takes delivery of the new IMV A74 vibration testing system

Mechanical environments for manufacturers’ products can be severe, making it critical to test for susceptibility to vibration and shock. Contact Elite today and find out how we can put its state-of-the-art testing capability to work for your products.

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