This week at Elite marks another ISO 17025 quality system assessment. The assessment is being performed by NVLAP assessor Dan Hoolihan and will focus on Elite’s testing services for MIL-461E, FCC emissions, and European Union emissions and immunity. This QA evaluation with NVLAP occurs every two years and generally takes a qualified assessor 2 to 3 days to complete. The audit agenda is outlined below.

To the oompa-pa-pa of Polka music, four major technical professional societies assembled in the Whole Vehicle test chamber at Elite Electronic Engineering Inc. The meeting featured a lively and interesting technical presentation as well as a professional networking opportunity that brought together over 150 individuals.

Elite Electronic Engineering has been a Chrysler recognized 3rd party EMC laboratory for approximately 10 years.

We Have Social Media Lift-Off

Mission accomplished! Elite has launched a number of new places where you can find the friendly expertise and customized service you've come to expect from Elite Electronic Engineering, Inc.

With the ever increasing popularity and accessibility of social media, it is a wonder that Elite has only just begun to break into this exciting new arena.