SRS is an analytical calculation of a field-recorded waveform showing mechanical shock acceleration versus time. Using SRS information, design engineers can determine the maximum acceleration at specific frequencies for their product’s shock environment.

Mechanical shock survival is key to robust products that satisfy customer needs

Be aware of how your devices respond to an EFT burst! You’ll have fewer things to worry about if your customer installs your device near some heavy machinery. Elite's Tom and Tom are back with Part 2 of their series on transient testing.

Meet Kate and learn about why she loves her career at Elite!

Transient events are everywhere and the only way to find out is to test.

Fixturing can make or (literally) break a test, so we take it very seriously at Elite.

Learn more about one of our newest EMC Test Engineers and why he loves working at Elite!

Our accreditations have been expanded with our recent assessment with A2LA.

Make a Better IoT Device

Our OTA measurements can improve an IoT device for range, reliability, and battery life.

There are important regulatory deadlines approaching soon that you should know about.

To ease the cellular compliance process, Elite offers technical guidance and necessary testing services.

Elite is now the first, and only, approved Mazda EMC test laboratory in North America.

More than $3 billion in annual federal funding is available to airport lighing manufacturers when they complete FAA ALECP certification. Now there are more choices and considerations to streamline access to this market.

If you are manufacturing 2.4GHz wireless-enabled products for markets in the European Union, then now is the time to confirm the version of standard EN 300 328 listed in your existing compliance reports.

Starting January 1, 2021, new regulatory compliance rules went into effect for products sold into the United Kingdom. Manufacturers need to take action now to ensure their electrical and electronic products are compliant when sold into the UK.