ISO 17025 accreditation from A2LA is a major milestone for our Photometric Testing team and demonstrates our commitment to delivering high-quality testing services for the lighting industry in one location.

High school students from Oregon visited Elite on their way to the International Bridge Building Contest at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) in Chicago. They learned about the importance of mechanical and materials testing to build lasting structures.

Senior Mechanical and Controls Engineer Todd Bruhl leads Elite's Machining, Automation, and Controls (MAC) team. Solving our customers' toughest fixturing and automation challenges is his passion.

Elite offers NEW Wireless and Antenna Testing services to help manufacturers optimize antenna performance and verify regulatory compliance. Save time and reduce risk with CTIA-compliant OTA performance measurements.

Antennas are the critical component of any wireless-enabled device. Download our Guide to Antenna Tests and Over-The-Air (OTA) Measurements to learn about importance antenna performance parameters and how they can help you optimize range, throughput, and power consumption.

Senior EMC Test Engineers Rick King and Mark Longinotti discuss 20 years of regulatory compliance testing - how things have changed and what's coming next.

Using simulation software helps to validate vibration/shock fixture performance during the design process - and enables optimization to reduce weight, machining time, and cost. Find out how Elite's lead mechanical designer utilizes simulation in his design process.

Adding wireless connectivity to your products to join the IoT can add new testing and certification challenges. Elite's regulatory specialists and experienced test engineers can help you navigate the requirements and successfully reach markets around the world.

What local physics powerhouse did our new test engineer work for?

Complex contours and shapes make traditional aluminum machining of fixtures costly and time-consuming. What advantages can 3D printing offer for test and automation systems?

Elite’s new North Annex has paved the way for expanded Electrical Connector Testing for connectors, cables, and harnesses. We now perform a full scope of connector tests in accordance with USCAR2, GMW 3191, MIL-STD-1344A (now EIA-364), IEC 60512, and many other industry standards.

Robert started in Elite's Automotive EMC Team, achieved iNARTE certification, brought his expertise to the Technical Sales Team, and recently earned his MBA. What did he learn from going back to school?

What is HALT HASS Testing?

What is HALT/HASS and why should you consider it to evaluate your prototypes and production parts?

What famous personality is this new employee related to?

Studying EMC? Apply now for the annual IEEE JCK Memorial Scholarship, in honor of our founder.