Testing EV Charging Systems

EMC testing is part of a suite of tests EV manufacturers and their suppliers need to be aware of. Elite is there to offer the testing support you need.

Elite’s Craig Fanning is one of the industry leaders in automotive EMC. He leads Elite’s automotive-testing effort and shares some background on that work.

Becoming a licensed ham radio operator eventually led him to a career in EMC- Meet Tom! Get to know Tom and his interesting Elite connection before he joined the team.

In Part 1 of our Preparing for Vehicle EMC Testing at Elite in 10 Steps series, we get things rolling with the first two steps.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are not the future – they are now. Learn about EMC Testing of Electric Vehicles.

In the conclusion of Elite’s transient testing series, Tom Klouda and Tom Braxton review the family of magnetic-field and damped-wave immunity tests.

Elite’s Robert Bugielski wears many hats. One of those is serving as the local authority on electric vehicles (EVs). He has the hands-on and plug-in experience of owning a Tesla Model S. In this first entry of Elite’s EV series, Robert shares the background he’s learned.

What is Thermal Shock testing, and how does it compare to Thermal Cycle testing?

COVID continued to be a challenge in 2021 and limited access to our lab. We enjoy hosting our customers in our lab, but virtual experiences have proven to be a safe alternative.

In Part 4 of Elite’s transient testing series, Tom Klouda and Tom Braxton show how an ESD test is done.

Elite Electronic Engineering has a long history of commitment, not just to the industry it’s been part of for 67 years, but also to the local and global community.

Employee Spotlight: Craig Bowes

This month, we celebrate our Senior EMC Test Technician Craig Bowes as he moves on to retirement at the end of the year.

When lightning strikes, it can cause damaging electrical surges near and far. Are your electronic devices protected from surges on power and signal cables? Elite’s Tom Klouda and Tom Braxton are back with the third installment on transient events and their testing techniques.

Elite Super-Sizes its Vibe!

For our customers’ growing needs, Elite has invested in a BIG way with new Vibration and Shock Testing equipment.

SRS is an analytical calculation of a field-recorded waveform showing mechanical shock acceleration versus time. Using SRS information, design engineers can determine the maximum acceleration at specific frequencies for their product’s shock environment.